devil's elbow trail

A Connector Trail from Kinzua Point to Devil's Elbow
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Beneath the blue waters of the Allegheny Reservoir lay secrets of an era long gone. Natives to the area and their descendants know of these secrets and the rich historical and cultural heritage that, for many, was lived and is not forgotten. The vision for this connector trail is to serve as an interpretive walk or bike ride, that provides a safe path for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views while learning about the once vibrant town of Kinzua as well as the construction of the dam and creation of the reservoir.



The Devil's Elbow Story

Narrative about the highway and when it changed paths.

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About R.W. Larson and Associates

PKP would like to express sincere gratitude to Dave Sobina and Rick Larson from RW Larson Associates PC for donating their time and expertise to the conceptualization of the Devil's Elbow Trail.

They have not only provided drawings but also taken time on the weekend to walk the would-be trail, and brought along friend Taffy [ ] from Northwest Engineering to serve as consultant on this pathway as well.

You will find on page 12 of the PKP findings report that the original proposal extends the trail all the way to the Big Bend Overlook parking area.