An Historic Awareness Project

Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways is, first and foremost, an historic
awareness project designed to benefit and educate local residents
and visitors for generations to come.

The Allegheny National Forest, specifically the area surrounding the Allegheny Reservoir, offers
breathtaking beauty year-round. From its rolling, forested hills to the stunning foliage to the pristine,
rich blue waters, the sights and sounds are awe inspiring during each of the area’s clearly defined
seasons. A visit to the reservoir quickly releases whatever stress you may have had and stimulates the senses of the outdoor lover and adventure seeker.

Visitors to this area truly have the opportunity to become one with nature. What often goes unnoticed is that this magnificent landscape holds secrets of an era long gone. Natives to the area and their descendants know of these secrets and the rich historical and cultural heritage that, for many, was lived and is not forgotten.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways (PKP) hopes to capture this history while enhancing the visitor
experience through stewardship and opportunities for adventure. PKP will inform and educate
future generations of the rich history beneath the reservoir’s blue waters and the surrounding lands.
This history will start with the glacier era and take visitors all the way through to the days of the once
vibrant Kinzua Valley and construction of the Kinzua Dam. Interpretive and interactive learning
vehicles will be used to honor, celebrate, and preserve this invaluable resource.

Recent Donations

Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways is pleased and honored to be the benefactor of a generous donation from the Schuler Family Foundation for the historical awareness phase of the project in memory of Bonnie Mack Corcoran. Thank you to Schuler Family Foundation.